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Car Pooling

June 28th, 2008 at 03:55 pm

I am very conscious of how I changed my driving habits due to the higher gas prices. I fill up when the gas tank is half empty once a week. I think it is mental thing for me to pay $47 - $59 instead of $94 - $118 every two weeks. I know that sounds silly but it my way of coping.

We have been staying close to home lately. Living in the D.C. area allows us to use the metro instead of driving to museums, historic sites and free or low cost events. We also are spending more time walking around the community. It is nice to spend time together due to the outdoor events that our local community is offering this summer. Very cheap date night. That's a big plus! The bad thing is that we cut back driving to see our families outside the area.

I car pool with another runner to drive to our designated running trails three times a week. We take turns once a week and that has helped both of us to save gas money. I also try to combine all my errands (groceries, picking up dry cleaning and etc.) once a week in an organized method without going on unnecessary trips.

I will also find out how much money I saved from telecommuting two times a week at the end of July. Right now I spend $180 - $240 a month for my gas budget. Yeesh! My longer work commute is estimated at $310 - $370. Double yeesh!!

We are still planning to end our satellite premium channels subscription in the event gas is at $5 or more a gallon this summer. I rather have a plan then going into panic mode trying to figure out how we are going to pay for the extra cost. I know we don't have control of the prices but dang it I have control of our budget.

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  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    You've really cut back on the gasoline use. Had you known beforehand hat you could make such a difference? Sorry to hear about not being able to drive out to see family. I just met someone who told me he has had to cut his visits to his elderly mother in half Frown because she lives 70 miles away and his two year old business has not begun to show a any profit.

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