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DH New Life

June 11th, 2008 at 03:36 pm

My DH has been pondering the idea on retiring from the military after 20 years. He wants to continue to guide and mentor young people to improve their lives. During his time in the military he has acquired his degree in education. He has recently applied for teaching positions in our community. He has been interviewed during the past two weeks at 3 schools. DH was offered positions at all 3 schools! He has narrowed his focus at a school approximately 7 minutes away from home. The main factor for his choice is not just the commute but the enthusiasm and commitment of the staff and students. He noted that it would be a challenge but he believe that he could make an impact at this school. I support his career change but I worry about the financial aspect to the family budget. In the end we will deal with the budget. I just want him to continue his passion with teaching and molding young people. I hope and pray that the salary negotiation will meet with our expectations. He is so happy to about his new career choice. I am so proud of him.